Applying for Membership

How do I become a Member?
To become a member of Galway Flying Club you must first complete the membership application form available for download here.  On completion please return our Membership Officer Marian at 087-6386450 Or Email

Examinations and tests

Is it difficult to pass the written examinations for the LAPL?

The ease of doing these exams depends on your background, whether technical or otherwise. However, the club provides a comprehensive ground-school that makes it possible for all members to pass the exams.

What’s involved in the skills test for the LAPL?

The LAPL test involves an oral examination in all aspects of private aircraft operation including technical, weather, regulations and navigation. The flight takes approximately 2 hours and assesses the pilot’s ability in operating the aircraft in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

Flying Lessons and Instruction

Can I take a trial lesson?
Only members of the club may take flying lessons.
Do the instructors get paid?

No. In fact no club member receives any remuneration for the work they do for the club.

How many flying instructors are in the club?

The club has six flying instructors and all of them learned to fly with the club.

How much money would I need to have to spend in taking flying lessons?

The biggest single item cost is the joining and membership fees. When that’s paid, you can expect to spend on average €90 per lesson which is the cost of time in the air. Though you can tailor expenditure to your circumstances.


What is the minimum age for taking flying lessons at the club?

18 years. This is due to child protection laws.
Only the instructor and the student are allowed in the aircraft during a training session.

When can I take flying lessons?

The club is busy during weekends and this is the best time to get lessons. However, between April and October, there will be certain evenings scheduled for flight training. This is normally Tuesday or Thursdays but may change depending on instructor availability

Galway Flying Club

How can I find out more about the club?

The best thing to do is come to visit at any time during the week-end. You will be very welcome and you can meet some of the members who will be happy to tell you all about it.

How does the club get funds to pay its bills?

Galway Flying Club is a voluntary organisation. The club charges members an annual fee and new members pay a joining fee. After that, members pay an hourly charge to use the aircraft. The total funds collected are used to meet all the club’s costs.

How is the club managed and who makes the decisions?

The club is managed by a committee of directors elected by the members each year at the Annual General Meeting. The committee meets monthly and takes whatever decisions are required in connection with the running of the club.

How many members are in the club?

It varies from one year to the next but approximately 100.

What type of aircraft does the club have?

The club owns two Cessna 172 aircraft which were purchased new from the manufacturer.

Where is the club located?

The club is located at Galway Airport on the R339. At the city side of Carnmore Cross

Medical Requirements

Do you have to have perfect eyesight to get a pilot licence?

You need to pass the vision test with or without spectacles and you must pass a colour vision test.

What are the medical requirements?

You must pass a Class 2 medical test periodically, depending on your age. This is a general health test and most people have no difficulty in getting through it.