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Flying in Galway

EI-MCG-club-aircraftGalway saw its first aircraft in 1912, nine years after the Wright Brothers’ first powered flight. For more than seventy years Galway people, who share a love of flying, have come together to provide the resources and support needed to sustain a popular flying club on the outskirts of the city. The Galway Flying Club, resident at Galway Airport, is today a successful and vibrant voluntary club that provides excellent facilities for its members and encourages the next generation of enthusiasts to take up aeroplane flying as a leisure activity.



Introductory Flight


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Leisure flying only

Galway Flying Club (GFC) is a private flying club licensed for leisure flying only.

GFC is precluded from engaging in any form of commercial flying activities such as offering sight-seeing trips, aircraft rental, aerial photography, etc.

Club Aircraft

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